Hong Kong: McDonald's

After brunch at Australia Dairy Co., AF and I walked.  We walked from Jordan down to Victoria Harbor.  We caught our breath at the Hong Kong Museum of Art before meandering down the Avenue of Stars, where I geeked over Andy Lau's handprints.  We found Indonesia Restaurant and bought lemper (which wasn't nearly as good as what we had in Jakarta).  We ate some eggettes.

We wanted to fit in claypot rice and a late night dim sum run before we left Hong Kong.  We timed everything so that we could have claypot rice for a light first dinner and then chow down on dim sum for second dinner.  What we failed to take into account was how fast we both were at walking.  When we arrived at the claypot rice restaurant, it wasn't yet open for business.

We had an hour to kill, so we found a McDonald's and plopped ourselves down to wait:

What we should have done was order a drink and maybe a sundae.  Instead, AF went and ordered a meal.  The prosperity burger combo meal to be exact:

The prosperity burger is a limited-time special for Chinese New Year.  There were two prosperity burgers to choose from, beef and chicken.  Both came smothered in black pepper sauce, but while the beef was sprinkled with chopped onions, the chicken was topped with shredded lettuce.

We went with beef:

I think I might have hyped up the prosperity burger too much in my head.  I saw ads for it all the way back while we were still in Indonesia.  Even the name "prosperity burger" sounded cool.  But the actual burger?  Meh.  It didn't look nearly as appetizing as the ads made it look.  No surprise there.  The pepper sauce was good, but nothing too special.  I didn't feel all that prosperous after eating it.

The curly fries were good though.  And the free "red" envelope (which was actually golden) that came with the meal was a cute bonus.

I love visiting McDonald's in different countries because you can always find something new and tailored to the local population.  The prosperity burger is one example.  The day before, we'd also stopped by a McD's while waiting for a food joint to open.  That time, I couldn't resist getting a red bean pie:

Deep fried and filled with burning hot red bean paste:

Only in Asia.  The first two bites were good (and very hot), but then it quickly became too sweet to eat.  No regrets though.  It was worth the experience.

The prosperity burger though...lots of regrets there.  Especially by the end of the night when we were so full that we wanted to pass out and never wake up.


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