Hong Kong: Siu Ngo Daai Wong

The smart thing would've been to take a break after having dim sum followed quickly by rice noodle rolls and congee.  But no, that's not how we roll.

Instead, we walked a few doors down and into Siu Ngo Daai Wong:

AF wanted roast goose and lo and behold, there were roast geese hanging in the window.

The place was pretty quiet.  Strangely enough, we were the only female customers inside:

As we really weren't hungry, we asked for a small order of goose with no rice:

Kinda wish we asked for the rice too.  The goose was very, very salty.  It would've been better had it come freshly roasted, but it wasn't bad.  Probably wouldn't go out of my way for a repeat experience though.

Hong Kong


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