Hong Kong: Sun Wing Kee Congee

After Tim Ho Wang, T had a few hours before she had to leave for the airport.  Not quite enough time to make it up to The Peak, but definitely long enough to eat more.

We stumbled upon Sun Wing Kee Congee purely by accident.  We were hooked in by the sight of a woman making sheets of rice noodle in the window:

Very simple set up inside:

We were still pretty full from dim sum, so we kept it simple too.  Or at least we tried to.  We always end up ordering more than we should, but what else is new?

We started off with the steamed rice noodle roll with dried shrimpies:

Then moved on to the zha liang or rice noodle roll with a fried Chinese donut (you tiao) inside:

Both were drizzled with a sweet soy sauce.  The noodle rolls were smooth and slippery, with just the right amount of chewiness.  So good.

There's a lot of different kinds of congee, but the most basic is definitely the thousand-year-old egg with lean meat congee:

If you've never tried thousand-year-old egg (also called century egg or "pi dan" in Chinese), you're in a for treat.  The egg is preserved in a way where the egg white turns into a dense amber jello and the yolk turns creamy and grey-green in color.  Sounds lovely right?  Don't knock it until you try it.  I love the yolk in thousand-year-old egg.

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