Hong Kong: Four Season Pot Rice

We hung around in McDonald's until right before Four Season Pot Rice opened at 5:30 pm.  When we got to the restaurant, we were surprised to see that we weren't the first ones there.  However, there definitely wasn't a line quite yet.  Unlike what we found outside when we left:

Nothing fancy inside:

That's how you know the food is good.  If the decor is as basic as it can get and yet there's a line out the door, something's being done right in the kitchen.

We were supposed to take it easy since we were planning on getting dim sum afterwards.  (It certainly didn't help that we ordered a McD meal right before either.)  But of course, that didn't happen.  Apparently, neither AF nor I know the meaning of "taking it easy."

We were very curious about the duck egg oyster cake, so we absolutely had to order one.  We thought we were being smart by ordering the small, which came with two pieces, instead of the large, which came with four.  We didn't feel quite so smart after our "small" arrived:

There's another piece just as big right underneath the top one.

It tasted so damn good though.  Deep fried to perfection, the edges were super crispy.  There were also eggy parts and a nice distribution of oysters.  And some greens to make it healthy.

Continuing with the healthy theme, we also ordered ong choy with fermented bean curd sauce:

If you've never had fermented bean curd, you're in for a surprise.  Its flavor is quite strong and quite distinct.  And very salty.  I love the stuff.

There were a lot of claypot rice options to choose from.  We ultimately went with the Chinese sausage and pork chops:

The claypot is cooked directly on the fire.  The fats and juices from the meat soak into the rice, making it fragrant.  But you can't just eat it like that.  Oh, no.  You have to drizzle on the soy sauce:

If you forget this step, your rice will be bland and dry.  Soy sauce is key.

We were enjoying our meal so much that we didn't realize our miscalculation until we stood up and discovered how full we were.  Oops.

So much for taking it easy.

Four Season Pot Rice
46-58 Arthur St, Yau Ma Tei
Kowloon, Hong Kong


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