Hong Kong: Australia Dairy Co.

On our first night in Hong Kong, T, AF, and I actually walked by Australia Dairy Co. while looking for a place to eat dinner.  It was pretty empty inside, so we barely gave it a second glance before walking on by.

Then T left and CL told us that she had to spend our last day in HK with family, leaving AF and me to figure out what we wanted to do by ourselves.  Or more accurately, what we wanted to eat.  A bit of Internet research later, we discovered that Australia Dairy Co. is actually a big deal.

As in check-out-this-line big deal:

Apparently Australia Dairy Co. is a famous cha chaan teng (tea restaurant) and where all the cool kids go for breakfast.  Which is why we gamely got in line that morning.  AF and I were prepared to buckle down and wait, so we were stunned when we were pulled out of the line not five minutes after we arrived because we were a party of two and there just so happened to be two seats open.

We entered the restaurant to find a complete 180 from what we saw when we walked by our first night:

Our "table" turned out to be a counter built into a niche in the wall with just enough space to fit two stools.  Worked for us.

We ordered a ham and egg sandwich to start:

The sandwich was heavenly in its simplicity.  So heavenly that I wanted to weep.  The bread was so soft and the eggs so fluffy that it felt like biting into a cloud.  I haven't had eggs that well scrambled in, well, ever.

To get a bit of everything, we ordered the morning special (available between 7 am and noon) for 28 HKD.  It came with buttered toast, two eggs, and ham macaroni soup:

It was my first time having Hong Kong-style macaroni soup and I was kind of befuddled by it.  I mean, look at it.  What the hell?  It's not Chinese.  It's not exactly Western.  Just what is it?  According to AF, it's comfort food, plain and simple.  And while it was all shades of weird, I have to say that I enjoyed it.  It tastes exactly as it looks.  Don't expect any culinary epiphanies with this baby, but as AF said, it was...comforting.

The morning special also came with a choice between milk tea and coffee.  We went with milk tea:

I immediately dumped in two bags of sugar.

We were curious about the steamed milk with egg whites, so we ordered one hot:

It was super smooth and really warmed us up from the inside.  The texture was a cross between soft jello and boiled egg whites.  Kind of strange at first, but it definitely grows on you.  Not overly sweet, the taste is subtle and milky and quite delicious.

My favorite thing at Australia Dairy Co. was hands down its egg sandwich.  I don't care if the line goes all the way to the moon, I would get in it in a heartbeat.  Some things are worth waiting for.

Sorry, T.  You missed out.  Big time.

Australia Dairy Co.
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan
Hong Kong
2730 1356


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