South Bay: Venus Cafe

The other new addition to our neighborhood is Venus Cafe:

While my dad was out of the country, my mom, my ahyi, and I checked it out.

The place was packed:

Venus Cafe is a Hong Kong style cafe, which means western dishes...or at least Chinese interpretations of them.  Looking at the menu totally brought me back to my college days.  There was a Hong Kong style cafe that my friends and I often visited.

Our meal started off with a complimentary tomato soup:

It was very sweet, like ketchup mixed with water.  So gourmet.

My ahyi's noodles came with garlic bread:

When I saw baked rice on the menu, I might have squealed.  It's ridiculous and kind of strange and not at all healthy and I love it.  Just look at this beast:

I got the fish and mushroom baked rice.  The rice is smothered by a mysterious cream sauce, sprinkled with cheese, and then baked.  This baby fed me for days.

My mom wanted to try the Singaporean fried rice:

It's basically curry fried rice.  My mom spent the entire meal picking out the peas.  (My dislike of peas is obviously hereditary.)  Even the owner of the cafe (or who we assumed was the owner) noticed and commented on it.  She told us that the next time we order fried rice, we can ask to leave out the peas.  Good to know.

My ahyi ordered the black pepper spaghetti:

The spaghetti noodles were just a shade too al dente and bordered on being undercooked.

For dessert, we decided to try the honey toast:

The honey toast takes a while to prepare, so if you want one, make sure you put in your order along with the rest of your food and don't wait until after your meal.

Here's what it looks like under all that ice cream:

The jello kind of threw me off.  As did the bread cube croutons.  The cubes were so crunchy that they weren't enjoyable at all.  We ended up just finishing off the ice cream, fruit, and red beans.

Overall, not too shabby.  I will probably end up back at Venus Cafe the next time I feel nostalgic for my college days.  I already know what I'll order...and what I won't.  Yea to baked rice and nay to honey toast.

Venus Cafe
1698 Hostetter Rd, Ste K, Building A
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 573-1128


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