South Bay: Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria

This month, my parents made an unexpected 10-day trip back to Taiwan leaving me home alone.  While they were gone, multiple people checked in on me at various times to see if I was still alive.

They all had the same two fears: 1) that I was going to freeze to death (we were going through an uncommonly cold winter for the Bay Area and I was too Chinese to turn on the heater) and if not that, then 2) that I was going to starve to death.  Never mind the fact that I have fended for myself just fine while I was living in Chicago for three years.

While I concede that freezing to death was a very close thing a couple nights, there was no way that I was going to starve to death.  I had a Costco box of yogurt in the fridge and two bags of clementines to sustain me those 10 days.

As if that weren't enough, my ahyi and T both made sure to invite me to eat out a few times during the week...and order enough for me to have leftovers to last a few days.

Oh, ye of little faith.  I'm more than capable of taking care of my own meals.

For example, when my organization was asked to give free legal consultations at two schools in Hayward, I dropped by Chavez Supermarket at the recommendation of a preschool teacher for lunch:

Besides being a Mexican grocery store, Chavez also includes a popular taqueria:

I was seriously tempted by just about everything on the menu, but because I had been having jaw issues ('s the worst!), I needed to pick something that wouldn't stress my jaw or force me to open my mouth wider than I needed to.  There went all the burritos and tortas.  Sigh.

In retrospect, my jaw pain was a blessing in disguise.  If not for my stupid jaw, I wouldn't have tried this masterpiece:

Morisqueta ($5.99).  Pork over rice doused in red sauce and topped with sour cream and cheese.  So.  Good.  The pork was super tender and the saucy was tangy.  This baby kept me fed for three days.

So as you can see, I can take care of myself.  Take that, all you nonbelievers!

Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria
1157 W Tennyson Rd
Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 783-4052


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