South Bay: Mi La Cay

I've known T for years now, but it wasn't until recently that she started to introduce me to legit Vietnamese restaurants in our area.  T offered to take me to Mi La Cay and I totally jumped on it, especially after I heard that it is owned by the family of one of our middle school friends:

It was pretty late for lunch and the place was kinda quiet:

T told me she only ever ordered one thing at Mi La Cay, so of course I ordered the same thing.  When I asked our server for the house noodle soup ($7), I was taken by surprise when he asked me if I wanted it dry or wet.  I looked to T for guidance, but she just shrugged and asked me what I liked.  With nothing to base my decision on, I randomly went with wet:

He also asked me what kind of noodles I wanted.

Wut?  I don't remember what I said, but I somehow ended up with pho noodles.

Meanwhile, T matter-of-factly chose to have the soup on the side and asked for egg noodles as if duh, that's what everyone is supposed to order:

Thanks a lot for the heads up, T  I bet you just enjoyed watching me struggle.  Humph.

I tried both my noodles and T's and surprise surprise, T's tasted better.  Dammit.  Not that mine was in any way bad, but the dry egg noodles were just more flavorful and...different.  The shrimp cake was a bit stale, but the chicken was lightly fried and crispy.  There was also pork and shrimp in there.  A little bit of everything to satisfy all your cravings.

Don't make the same mistake I did.  Unlike T, I'm all about helping out my fellow eaters.  Get the M1, but get it dry with egg noodles.  You'll thank me later.

I didn't really believe that Mi La Cay is owned by my middle school friend's family until I went up to the counter to pay and saw her and her sister's photos proudly displayed there.  Haven't seen her since middle school, so I don't really know what she's up to now.

What I do know is that her family makes some awesome noodles.  Some awesome DRY noodles.

Mi La Cay
1609 McKee Rd
San Jose, CA 95116
(408) 937-5688


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