South Bay: Chocatoo

I finally got a chance to catch up with VT a few weeks back.  T and I met her at San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose.

The original plan was to get dinner, but none of us were really hungry, so we did the next best thing instead.  Dessert.  Hellooooo Chocatoo:

Someone recommended that we try the Mexican hot chocolate.  The cookies were all me:

I saw the array of fat cookies through the display window and I just couldn't resist.  The peanut butter chip and the chocolate chip were both calling to me.  The lady behind the counter popped them in the microwave and when they reemerged, they were warm and soft and decadent and heavenly.

The Mexican hot chocolate was...aight.  Just a bit overshadowed by the cookies.  And frankly, I was more in the mood for a glass of milk after one bite of the peanut butter chip one.

Walking through San Pedro Square reminded me just how little I know about downtown SJ.  My own backyard!  That's a mistake that I really need to get on fixing.

Maybe after my trip in January.  Heh.

100 N Almaden Ave, Suite 166
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 564-6953


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