South Bay: Smoking Pig BBQ Company

T suddenly wanted to go out to dinner one Friday night.  Who was I to say no?

She wanted to try Smoking Pig BBQ Company in downtown San Jose:

I've lived just outside of downtown San Jo just about all my life and I'm sorry to say that I barely know it at all.  I had certainly never heard of Smoking Pig before that night.

All these people knew what I had been missing out on:

Our server was the sweetest girl.  I don't remember if I was ever so bubbly and...young.  She was very helpful in giving us recommendations.  The only part she couldn't help us out on was the beer selection because, well, she was too young to drink.

T and I started off with an appetizer called the potato grenade ($4.50):

It's basically a potato stuffed with shredded cheese, Smoking Pig's mac and cheese, and a wolf turd (before you puke, wolf turd refers to jalapeno filled with cheese and smoked sausage, then wrapped in bacon and smoked).  But that's not all.  The potato is wrapped in bacon and for the finishing touch, the whole glorious thing is smoked for a few hours.  Guh.  How could we not order it?

Our server was nice enough to slice it in half for us and give each of us our own side of ranch sauce.  I probably could've eaten another whole grenade by myself.

Then came the main event.  We got the three meat combo ($14.95), which came with a cornbread and a choice of a side:

For our meat, we got to choose three from this list: two pork spare ribs, a chicken leg quarter, one Louisiana hot link, 4 oz of pulled pork, or 4 oz of beef brisket.  After careful deliberation, we went with the ribs, the pulled pork, and the brisket.

The ribs were fall of the bone tender.  I don't think I've ever had pulled pork not doused in some kind of barbecue sauce.  Smoking Pig's pulled pork is dry, yet juicy at the same time.  Strange.

My favorite, however, had to be the brisket.  When our server asked if we wanted our brisket fat or lean, we didn't hesitate at all.  T and I simultaneously blurted, "FAT!"  This is why we're such good friends.  The brisket was fatty and juicy and oh my gawd I can't type about it without salivating.

To make things even better, Smoking Pig offers a fantastic spread of sauces at each table:

Just squirt away to add an extra kick to your barbecue.

For our side, I insisted on mac and cheese:

I get these cravings for mac and cheese sometimes that refuse to go away with mediocre mac.  And we all know how hard it is to find good mac these days.  Apparently I wasn't looking close enough to home because Smoking Pig has a SMOKIN' mac and cheese.  It's creamy and peppery and so damn addicting.  I'm feeling another craving coming just thinking about it.

T and I were stuffed beyond belief, but we were so enjoying our meal at Smoking Pig that we had to try their desserts.  We got a slice of the peanut butter pie ($4.75) to eat there:

And the bread pudding with ice cream ($4.50) to bring home to my parents:

T actually wanted the banana pudding instead of the bread pudding (she's close to becoming a banana pudding addict), but they were out.  While the bread pudding wasn't exactly anything special, the peanut butter pie was amazingly rich and utterly delicious.  Get that.

I flat out loved Smoking Pig BBQ Company.  Everything from the food to the service to the prices to the live music was great.

Obviously I need to explore my own hometown more.  Shame on me, I know.  If there are more hidden treasures like Smoking Pig, I need to dig them out.  Pronto.

Smoking Pig BBQ Company
1144 N 4th St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 380-4784


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