San Francisco: Akiba

The Lost Weekend continues!

As usual, we couldn't end the night with dinner.  Oh, no.  Of course we had to get dessert.  A quick Yelp search later, we found ourselves at Akiba:

The minute we stepped inside we started to get weird vibes:

Anime posters on the wall?  Fine.  Princess Mononoke showing on the TV?  Love it.  Servers in maid costumes with kitty ears?


Wait, what?


Now, I've heard of maid cafes in Japan, but here in the Bay?  Kinda awkward if you ask me.

Anyway, everything in the cafe was borderline cutesy or just flat out sickeningly cute.  The cups were heart shaped.  Enough said.

Rather at a loss, we floundered a bit when it came time to order.  We ended up getting a simple pearl tea:

And the Shibuya style honey box:

Here it is partially demolished:

We got to choose what flavors we wanted for our two scoops of gelato.  I remember being adamant about getting lychee for one of them, but I don't remember what the other flavor was.

To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed by either the pearl tea or the honey toast.  There's much better pearl tea in the City and as for honey toast, it will be really difficult to top the one I had in Thailand

Sorry Akiba.  Loved Princess Mononoke, but everything else kinda just made me feel uncomfortable and the food wasn't nearly good enough to make up for that discomfort. 

3141 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 692-4556


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