Stockton: El Grullito

I have some unfinished business from it looks like I won't be clearing up my backlog anytime soon.  Not like that's surprising to any of you.

The delusion was nice while it lasted.

Anyway, the day we left for Europe was also the day of T's graduation from pharm school.  My parents and I picked up T's parents early in the morning and drove over an hour to get to Stockton in time to get a good seat at the ceremony.  T and I basically headed straight to the airport after her graduation ended.

We did make one pit stop though.  As incentive to go to her graduation, T promised to take me to get tripe tacos from El Grullito after her graduation reception:

I'd heard T talk about those tripe tacos for so long that I was afraid that my expectations had blown out of proportion.

They hadn't.

My parents and I split three tacos.  One with lengua, one with carne asada, and of course, one with tripe:

All the tacos were good, but the tripe taco was AH-MAY-ZING.  The tripe was lightly fried and SO DAMN DELICIOUS.  I could have eaten a dozen by myself.

El Grullito really needs to relocate to the South Bay.  I need to satisfy my tripe taco fix regularly and Stockton is just too far.

Best graduation meal ever.  Congrats again T on surviving pharm school!

El Grullito
Lowe's Parking Lot
Hammer Ln & Holman Rd
Stockton, CA 95212
(209) 688-7196


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