San Francisco: Mr. & Mrs. Miscelllaneous

As part of her quest to try all the major ice cream shops in the City, TT dragged me onto Muni and down to the Dogpatch for Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous:

If you can't find the place, you need to get your eyes checked.  Yes, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but that sign is HUGE.

As is the line:

Nothing fancy about Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous except for its ice cream.  All the flavors sounded fabulous, which made it so difficult to choose.  Just listen to the options we had that day: brown butter, mascarpone, black sesame, basil, almond butter with toffee, to name a few.

We finally went with a scoop of the English black tea and a scoop of the coconut cream:

So.  Good.

If only Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous isn't so out of the way.  Then again, its location doesn't seem to deter any of its customers if its line is anything to judge by.  Good ice cream is all the motivation people need.

Which is why I can totally see myself going back again.

(Omygawd, I just looked at their FB page and saw a picture of their flavor board from early September listing BLACK LYCHEE TEA.  What?!  Where the hell was I when this miraculous thing happened?!)

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
699 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 970-0750


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