San Francisco: Outerlands

Remember the brunch place I was searching for that led to my discovery of The Lost Weekend?  Well, this is it:

T and I walked across Golden Gate Park despite posted warnings of coyote sightings just to meet AF at Outerlands for brunch that Saturday morning.  The line was atrocious.  To spare ourselves an even longer wait, we braved the cold and took the offer for a table outside.

To combat the San Francisco autumn chill (yes, this happened a year ago), we started off with the grilled cheese sandwich with soup combo ($11):

Seared on a cast iron skillet, the bread was thick and crunchy and oozing with cheese.  The parsnip soup was thick and creamy and sweet, but with a slightly bitter surprise whenever we spooned up a chicory leaf. 

In hindsight, sandwiches aren't the easiest to share among three people, but that seemed to be the theme of the morning.  On top of the grilled cheese sandwich, we also ordered the heirloom tomato open faced sandwich ($11):

It came with roasted eggplant and garlic spread, basil, sherry vinegar, and crescenza cheese along with a side of greens.

We also ordered the top sirloin roast beef sandwich with cucumber pickles, horseradish creme fraiche, red onion, and cress ($12.50):

It too came with a side of greens.

Out of all three sandwiches, the grilled cheese was my favorite.  Especially dipped in the parsnip soup.  The bread at Outerlands is made in-house.  It's dense and chewy with a crunchy crust and cut in thick, generous slices.  Awesome to eat, but not easy to cut (thanks to the crust).

Even though we were at Outerlands for brunch, we didn't technically get it.  Brunch at Outerlands is only on Sundays.  If you arrive on a Saturday as we did, you get the lunch menu.  Which is good, don't get me wrong, but we really wanted to try the eggs in jail and the dutch pancake.

Guess we'll just have to make another trip!

4001 Judah St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 661-6140


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