Oakland: Vien Huong

With only an one hour lunch break, eating out for lunch on a workday can be pretty tricky.  My options are limited to places that I can walk to from my office at noon, eat, and get back by 1:00pm.  This means that any place with a long wait doesn't fit the bill.

Which is why the first time I tried to meet VN at Vien Huong, we had to make a U turn and find somewhere else to eat.  There was a line out the door and that simply wouldn't do.  But we really wanted to try it, so we gave it a second chance:

This time I made sure to leave my office a bit before noon.  Vien Huong was already busy by the time I got there, but there were still a couple tables left for VN and I to squeeze in before the real lunch crush started:

There's a big fuss on Yelp about the Chow Jew ho fun (#21), so of course I had to order it:

VN ordered the same thing.

Thick rice noodles, clean broth, and a generous amount of meat.  All for $7.  My favorite was the kidney.  Mmm...so good.  How many noodle soups can you find in the Bay Area with kidney in them?  The answer is not that many.

No nonsense food.  No nonsense service.  No nonsense price.  Get your butt down there for your next lunch break!

Vien Huong
712 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 465-5938


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