San Francisco: Lavash

For her birthday last year (yes, last year...that's how long ago The Lost Weekend took place), VN wanted to have dinner at Lavash:

It was really hard to find parking in the area and we ended up taking a chance on a stretch of curb across the street from the restaurant that may or may not have been painted red.  I tried taking a flash photo of the curb to see what color it was, but the results were inconclusive.

Luckily, we were seated by the window so we could keep a eye out for meter maids and tow trucks.

Lavash was quiet when we first arrived, but it quickly filled up:

There were four of us celebrating VN's birthday.  We started with the complimentary plate of lavash bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and fresh herbs:

Which went perfectly with the kashk-e bademjan or roasted eggplant drizzled with sundried yogurt, sauteed onion, roasted garlic, mint flakes, and saffron ($6.50):

We decided to go with two entrees.  To try a bit of everything, we ordered the "Taste of Persia" ($38.95), which was meant to be for two people.  It consisted of a skewer of barg (fillet of beef with saffron seasoning), a skewer of joojeh (chicken marinated in lime, olive oil, and saffron seasoning), a skewer of koobideh (mixed ground beef and lamb with saffron seasoning), and a skewer of veggies:

Persians apparently love saffron.

We were told that the fesenjan or chicken with ground walnut in a pomegranate sauce ($17.95) was very popular, so we went with that as our second entree:

So.  Good.  The sauce was sour and sweet and I could just eat it all day.

Each entree came with a plate of Basmati rice:

Celebrating an awesome friend makes any night a great night, but the food at Lavash was definitely a most welcome bonus.  Especially the pomegranate crack sauce.

Happy belated birthday, VN!  I'm a sucky friend.  Both for forgetting to post about your birthday dinner from a year ago...and for not wishing you a happy birthday this year until a few days after your actual birthday.


I'm sorry.  I'll make it up to you.  Really!

...But with something that doesn't involve exercise.  (I have to draw the line somewhere, right?)

511 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 664-5555


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