Chicago: Lavazza

After Blackbird, my best friend and I really didn't have any plans until dinner except to hit the beach.  Since we had time to kill, I took her into the Chicago French Market to look around.  When we passed by Lavazza, I suddenly remembered that my best friend had emailed me an article about Lavazza's coffee a while back.  When I reminded her of it, she was more than willing to take a coffee break:

Lavazza wins for most...interesting decor:

My best friend was supposed to be looking at the coffee selection, but she got a little sidetracked by the gelato display case:

Even I, who was originally planning on not getting anything at all, gave in to the call of the gelato.

We decided to share two scoops.  It was really easy to pick our first flavor (we both love pistachio), but we let our server recommend the second.  He said the strawberry was his favorite:

The gelato at Lavazza is super creamy, much creamier than I'm used to, which makes it so very good.  Both the strawberry and the pistachio flavors were fantastic.

Having gelato with my best friend takes me back to our Berkeley days.  We had a tradition of treating each other out for a fancy dinner on our birthdays and every year we always had room for some pearl tea or some gelato afterwards.  Ah...good times.

Chicago French Market
131 N Clinton St
Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 207-2500


  1. Holy moly. What's with the Pseudo-Indian profile EXTREME CLOSE UP? Also, when you say creamy, are we talking Gelateria creamy or Naia creamy or just it's-made-from-only-cream creamy?


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