Chicago: DMK Burger

After lazing around on the beach, my best friend and I took a little detour through Lincoln Park zoo (funniest sun bear, ever) before setting out to meet with my current and my future roommate at DMK Burger Bar.

We were a bit early, so we stopped next door at its sister restaurant, Fish Bar, first.  Of course we shared the oyster po' boy.  When my friends heard that we were having an oyster po' boy, they wanted in on the action too.  So instead of meeting them at DMK, my best friend and I waited around in Fish Bar until they arrived.  My roommate was immediately greeted with a hug from Marina (our favorite server).  My friends polished off an oyster po' boy and a soft shell crab po' boy (fine, I helped with the soft shell crab one) before we finally made our way to DMK:

The interior was a lot more spacious than its exterior hinted at:

The four of us split an order of parmesan fries with truffle cream:

And sweet potato fries with lemon tobasco aioli:

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  It was really dark inside DMK and I dislike using flash.  I had to give in to flash, however, in order to show the full glory of our burgers.  My best friend got her crispy portobello burger, but the rest of us split 2 meaty creations.  

Here's the grass-fed lamb burger with sheep's milk feta, olive tapenade, greek salad, and tzatziki:

And here's the roasted hatch green chile burger with fried farm egg, sonoma jack, and smoked bacon:

Gotta show the cross sections:

I thoroughly enjoyed both burgers.  The bun was delish, the burger patties were meaty, the toppings went well...overall, just two really enjoyable burgers.  Not the cheapest burger out there, but tasty.

What really made our night however, was the service.  DMK and Fish Bar really know how to hire incredible people because our server, Lauren, was AMAZING.  She was so friendly and helpful and easy to talk to.

Not to mention she brought us free desserts.  Two giant ice cream cookie sandwiches:

And two peanut butter shakes: good.  The cookie was soft, the ice cream creamy...the peanut butter so very rich.  I don't know how my roommate does it, but she always gets us free stuff when we eat out.

I am now a proud Frequent Fryer club member of DMK and Fish Bar.  Apparently you get points for every dollar you spend, but I care more about having the card itself and being able to say that I'm a "frequent fryer" than the actual rewards.  So cool!

We have Marina at Fish Bar and Lauren at DMK.  Life is good.

DMK Burger Bar
2954 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 360-8686


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