Chicago: Gaztrowagon

My best friend wanted to track down a food truck while she was in Chicago.  We decided on Gaztrowagon because its website said that it would be near Northwestern Med School that day around noon.  Since the website didn't say exactly where around Northwestern the truck would stop and since neither my best friend nor I had smart phones to keep track of the Gaztrowagon on Twitter, we got to the school early to scope out possible food truck locations.

We walked around the block a few times before finally staking out a spot to wait at.

We waited.

And waited.

Just when we were about to give up, my best friend spotted the truck zipping on down the street.  She started to jog after it, but I wasn't having any of that.  Oh, hell no.  When the truck turned the corner, my best friend glared at me accusingly.  She started to tell me what she was going to do to me if I caused us to miss the truck, but before she could finish her threat, we saw a flash of the truck on the opposite side of the block.

Instead of walking all the way around the block, we took a shortcut by cutting through campus.  We got to the other side just in time to watch the truck turn the corner at the end of the block.  Ooookay.  We didn't even have time to discuss which way to head next when we saw the truck pass by where we were standing originally.

This proceeded to happen three more times.  By the second time, a small group of people had gathered on the sidewalk.  None of us tried to follow the truck.  When the truck tried and failed to fit into a too-small parking spot on its third pass, an elderly gentleman yelled after the retreating truck, "Just throw us the sandwiches!"

Finally, the truck decided the hell with it and parked illegally:

We quickly followed the mass of people and jaywalked across the street.

We risked our lives for these plantain chips ($2):

Gaztrowagon is known for its naanwiches.  We toyed with the idea of sharing one between the two of us, but after watching that damn truck go around the block so many times, we mutually agreed to each get our own:

I ordered the pork cheek naanwich with sweet potato, fennel, and apple and leek hash ($9):

My bestie ordered the caprese with tomato onion salad, pesto, and mozzarella ($7):

The naanwiches were good.  My pork cheeks naanwich was very flavorful, though a tad on the overly salty side.  The texture was also rather...mushy.

My best friend had a field day watching that truck try to find a parking spot.  While it was certainly entertaining, I don't think the food is amazing enough to tempt me to try to track down the truck again.  If there ever comes a day that I crave a naanwich, I'll head directly over to their storefront in Edgewater and spare myself the drama.

5973 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 942-6152


  1. Best lunch adventure/meal foreplay ever ;)


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