Chicago: Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter

I'd forwarded a Tasting Table blurb on Belgian waffles at Hendricks Belgian Bread Crafter to my best friend before she came to Chicago and we both agreed that we would have to make time to try it out.  So after our stop at Grahamwich, we hopped back onto the bus and continued our way north.

Hendrickx is very easy to miss, as it's a bit tucked away, so keep your eyes peeled:

There were probably only three tables inside with very little standing space in-between and while the orange and black theme wasn't the most welcoming of decor, the open door to the kitchen more than made up for it:

After you place your order, the ladies behind the counter duck into the kitchen to grab your desired goodies from a long table laden with all sorts of yummy looking creations.

The Belgian waffle was nothing like what we expected:

For one, it was quite small (especially for $5).  It was also very dense, with a slight yeasty taste, and hardly sweet at all, despite the caramelized sugar crust.  I personally rather enjoyed it, though I can see how others might not agree.

We figured that since we were there, we might as well try something else.  We originally decided on the pistachio eclair, but happily switched to the pistachio croissant (yes, my best friend and I really like pistachio) when were were told that pistachio eclairs must be specially ordered: 

Then the most unfortunate of things happened.  Cue sad music.

Our croissant got mixed up with someone else's!  We ended up with the chocolate croissant while some lady merrily walked out with our pistachio one:


It was good, no question about that.  In fact, it was probably one of the better croissants I've had in a long while (perfectly flaky with just enough salt to make it interesting) and chocolate is never a bad thing.  But still.  We wanted pistachio.

This isn't over, Hendrickx!  I'll be back again and I'll be paying extra close attention to ensure that I get my pistachio fix.

Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter
100 E Walton St
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 649-6717


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