Chicago: Bobtail Ice Cream Company (Lakeview)

My friend wanted to try out Crisp because my dad made such a big deal about it when he came to visit over Thanksgiving (he made us go twice).  After a tray of Seoul Sassy chicken, we stood on the street trying to gauge if we had enough stomach space for some deep dish pizza.  It didn't take long to realize that we were only kidding ourselves and to nix that idea.

Just when we were figuring out the best way to get home, my friend's attention was snagged by Bobtail Ice Cream Company across the street:

Everyone knows that there's a separate stomach for dessert, which is why there's always enough tummy space for some sweets even after a full meal.  Not to mention the fact that ice cream is essentially...liquid and thus all it does is fill the little nooks and crannies in your stomach.  Think about it.  Makes total sense.

I've previously had ice cream at the Bobtail location in Grant Park, but this was my first time in the storefront in Lakeview.  Any place that stocks up on board games deserves a second visit, in my humble opinion.

I tried a few flavors (I can never bring myself to ask for more than two) before I settled on honey lavender:

On a sugar cone, duh.

My friend went with the signature sunset (merlot ice cream with dark chocolate chips) on a cake cone:

Those, dear readers, were kiddie scoops.  Way more ice cream than I was expecting.

Not as many flavors to choose from as some other ice cream joints, but Bobtail offers some interesting concoctions for sure.  Definitely check out the Lakeview location because the Grant Park one doesn't have any of the specialty flavors.

Bobtail Ice Cream Company
2951 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 880-7372


  1. Wow! Now that sounds like a fantastic IC comapny. Both the flavours you and your friend go sound amazing.

  2. Can I have an ice cream please??? ;-)


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