Chicago: Pho 888

My friend and I are both in the same law clinic at school. Once a week we have to travel far up north for clinic work. The two of us decided to coordinate our trips and take what otherwise would've been a long and lonely L ride together.

The upside of being so far north is that we're close to Uptown, home of the Vietnamese food. Since we both needed to grab some Asian groceries, we stopped by Argyle St on our way back to Hyde Park.

Quite a few shops have closed down since the last time I visited Argyle, leaving behind empty buildings and for rent signs. What is going on?!

Luckily, Pho 888 was still in business:

I have a friend that used to intern in the area and according to her, Pho 888 has the best pho in town. Given how she's Vietnamese herself, I trust her opinion.

The menu at Pho 888 is quite extensive and as usual, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to try something new, so I finally decided on the Vietnamese beef stew with rice noodles:

The broth was super flavorful and the carrots were sweet and perfectly cooked until soft. Definitely heavier than the typical pho, but so good! And there was so much beef! Totally made my day.

Thank you, Pho 888. Please don't leave us anytime soon. Argyle, no, Chicago is sad enough in the Asian food department as is.

Pho 888
1137 W Argyle St
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 907-8838


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