Chicago: Little Branch Cafe

My roommate and I had been wanting to catch up with a friend of ours who has been quite the difficult one to pin down. We finally just picked a date and a location and made it happen:

My roommate picked Little Branch for brunch because she'd just gone there the weekend before and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Little Branch is a bit hard to find, as it's deep within a residential area.

From the industrial exterior, you would never guess that a cute little cafe would be hidden within. There are so many charming little details everywhere, such as these adorable stools:

As usual, my roommate and I decided to split everything. We started off with the pancake of the day, which was cranberry and pecan:

It was good, but while I could see bits of pecan and cranberry in the pancake itself, I couldn't really taste it.

To balance out the sweet, we went with the prosciutto and fig jam panini, which my roommate had been dying to try since her last visit:

The prosciutto was a bit overpowering for me in its saltiness, making me wish that there'd been more fig jam.

The home fries were fantastic:

Well seasoned, though they could have had a crunchier crust. (My favorite home fries are still from La Note in Berkeley.)

The scrambled eggs were perfectly fluffy:

Our friend ordered the breakfast burrito:

She knows us super well so the first thing she did after allowing me to take photos was to divide out a portion for us:

I don't remember everything in there, but I think you can get the gist from the photo.

Super cute cafe in a super random location. Definitely a hidden gem and a great place to hide out when you want to study.

What a great way to start off the day. Catching up with friends, laughing over all sorts of crazy things, and eating good if only there wasn't so much work to do.

Little Branch Cafe
1251 S Prairie Ave
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 360-0101


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