New York: Pommes Frites

One of my favorite places in New York is Pommes Frites:

How can anyone say no to Belgian fries? I certainly can't.

The first thing you see upon walking in is a long counter, behind which people are merrily dispensing sauces and frying up fries:

This is where you can ask for samples of the many, many different sauces. They pump a dollop on a napkin and throw in a few pieces of fries.

A regular order of fries is $4.50. Sauces are an additional $1 each (unless you choose one of the free ones):

Here we have regular ketchup (free), Vietnamese pineapple mayo in the back, and sweet mango chutney mayo in the front. My sister wanted the ketchup because she absolutely detests mayo (which I think makes her weird), but she ended up hardly touching it at all. My favorite was the Vietnamese pineapple because it tasted just like a Thai soup, but creamy. The fries themselves are, of course, awesome. Twice fried and prepared upon your order, they're hot and crispy, but soft on the inside.

There's not much seating inside besides a counter and 2 booths. All the tables come with built in holes to hold the fries.

Dropping by Pommes Frites is a must when you visit New York. It'll brighten your day, I promise.

Pommes Frites
123 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-1234


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