Vermont: Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Our next stop in Vermont was Cold Hollow Cider Mill:

Part cider press, part bakery, part souvenir store, you can find just about everything Vermont at Cold Hollow:

There were lots of free samples scattered all around the store, from jams to salsas, hot sauces to honey.  Of course we made sure to hit each and every one of them:

You can't go to a Vermont establishment these days without finding something Bernie Sanders related:

The greatest free sample of them all was the apple cider:

Apparently you can actually watch the apple cider making process during certain times of the year, but unfortunately it wasn't running when we were there.

We certainly helped ourselves to the cider though:

Ice cold and full of apple flavor.  Just the way real apple cider should be.

On our way out, we stopped by the bakery to try some of Cold Hollow's cider donuts:

We didn't know at the time that you can get a free donut if you check into Yelp, but 50 cents a donut isn't bad at all.  According to reviews online, you can ask specifically for a hot one.  Wish we knew that then because the donuts we got were barely warm.  Still delicious though.  Cakey, subtly sweet, with the taste of fall.

There's lots to see (and eat) at Cold Hollow Cider Mill.  It's definitely touristy, but worth a visit if you're in the area.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill
3600 Waterbury-Stowe Rd 
Waterbury Center, Vermont 05677
(802) 244-8771


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