New Hampshire: Four Aces Diner

We took advantage of our proximity to Canada and made a little side trip to Montreal during our weekend at Dartmouth.  First thing we needed to do was to get our car rental from the closest airport, Lebanon Municipal Airport, which turned out to be the tiniest damn airport I've ever seen.  Virtually no security, only one departure gate, and only one airline.

But let's back up a bit.  First things first, breakfast:

Partly made of a converted diner car, Four Aces Diner is about as classic as a diner can get:

Lots of little knick knacks to spot all around and plenty of quirky signs to read and chuckle over.

Suddenly feeling nostalgic, I ordered myself a glass of chocolate milk.  I may have squealed a little when my milk arrived, because lookit!:

When was the last time you had some good old-fashioned chocolate milk made from milk and chocolate syrup?

As per usual, we ordered three dishes and then rotated them around the table.  We got The Joker ($7.99):

Which consisted of two pancakes, one sausage patty, two pieces of bacon, two eggs, and homefries.  That's a lot of food.

We also got the breakfast bowl ($9.99):

Prepare yourself.  The breakfast bowl contained a mix of regular and sweet potato tater tots, all topped with chili, jack cheese, two eggs, and jalapeno bacon. 

Guh.  Tater tot heaven. 

Last, but not least, we ordered the woodland omelet ($8.99):

Forget the toast and homefries for a second.  Tucked inside this beautiful baby was spinach, mushroom, pancetta, and garlic confit:


If I went to Dartmouth, I would be finding excuses to go to Four Aces all the time.   The food isn't fussy, but by no means is it boring.  There were quite a few things I wanted to try, but alas, my stomach isn't as elastic or as resilient as it used to be.  Portion sizes were huge and prices were reasonable.  There was a bit of a line by the time we left, but I'm not surprised.

Ugh.  Just looking at the photos is making me hungry.

Four Aces Diner
23 Bridge St
West Lebanon, NH 03784
(603) 298-5515


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