Vermont: Ben & Jerry's

One of the fun stops we made in Vermont on the way back to New Hampshire was Ben & Jerry's factory:

For $4 per person, we went on a 30 minute tour of the factory that started with a video about the history of Ben & Jerry's and then progressed to a walk through of the ice cream making process.  Unfortunately we didn't get to see any ice cream being made because we were there on a Sunday and dammit, ice cream makers are people too and deserve weekends off!

The tour ended in the tasting room where we got to try a new flavor that hasn't been released yet:

The "tuxedo" is coconut ice cream with shredded coconut and dark chocolate chunks inside:

While it wasn't bad, I've discovered that I'm not really into chewing shredded coconut in my ice cream.  Meh.

We could have stopped by the ice cream shop for even more ice cream after the tour ended, but we took one look at the long line and elected to go check out the flavor graveyard instead.

The Ben & Jerry's factory is definitely out in the middle of nowhere.  While I wouldn't plan a trip specifically to go there, it's a fun pit stop.  I'm sure it's even more fun on a work day when you can actually watch ice cream being made.

Ben & Jerry's
1281 Waterbury-Stowe Rd
Waterbury, VT 05676


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