New Hampshire: Lou's Restaurant

On our last day in Hanover, NH, CL and I had just enough time to grab one last meal with AF before she had to run to class and we had to catch our bus to Boston.  According to AF, Lou's Restaurant is really popular among Dartmouth students for breakfast/brunch:

Most of the people we saw at Lou's seemed to be of the older set, which leads me to believe it is also quite popular with faculty as well:

The three of us decided to split two entrees.  We got the chorizo kale omelette ($10.95):

The omelette came filled with chorizo, kale, onions, and cheddar cheese.  We could have chosen to pair it with black beans or baked beans, but who wants beans when you can get home fries?

We added on a cruller French toast as a side for an additional $1.95:

That's right.  French toast made with a donut.  A DONUT!!  Paula Deen would be proud.

Our second entrĂ©e was the "Rachel's Favorite" country breakfast ($11.95):

Super simple.  Just two eggs however you like them, the choice of bacon, sausage, or Vermont ham steak (guess which one we picked), and the choice of baked beans, black beans, or home fries.  Again, potatoes for the win.

Instead of toast or an English muffin, we elected to go ham (heh heh) and get a muffin instead.  And not just any muffin.  An apple streusel muffin:

It has oats on it.  It must be healthy.

That was definitely more than enough food for the three of us, but I couldn't leave without a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie ($4.25) after seeing the sign for it posted in the window outside:

That crackly crust!  That super tart fruit filling!  I still have no clue what rhubarb adds to pie besides taking up space!

I thoroughly enjoyed dining at Lou's.  I have a thing for no nonsense diners that serve up solid, solid breakfast.  Especially if they serve said solid, solid breakfast all day and have a kickass bakery to boot.

Well done, Lou's.  Well done.  I will probably never be back to Hanover now that AF has graduated from Dartmouth, but you will always be a fond memory in my donut-fresh-toast loving heart.

Thank you, AF, for showing us around NH, VT, and Montreal!  It was great to just get away for a weekend and catch up with you.  We definitely should do more weekends like this now that you're living in NY!

Lou's Restaurant
30 S Main St
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 643-3321


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