Japan: Tempura Tenmastu

CK and I really wanted to have a high end sushi experience while in Tokyo.  No quite Jiro level, but moderately fancy.  I looked up restaurants that didn't seem to require a hotel concierge to make the reservation and came up with a short list of three: Sushi Iwa, Daisan Harumi, and Sushi Sho.

One of my uncles in Taiwan speaks Japanese, so I asked him to help me call the restaurants.  I hoped we would get lucky with one of the three.  Alas, we struck out instead.  My uncle called one restaurant a couple months before and was told that reservations for a particular month could only be made starting the first day of the month prior.  My uncle misunderstood and thought that he could only make reservations a month in advance.  When he tried calling again a month before our desired date, all three restaurants were completely booked.

Oh well.

We were certainly disappointed, but it wasn't the end of the world.  And it was probably better for our budget as well.

For our last meal together in Japan, CK and I went to Tenmatsu, which is located in the same department store and on the same floor as Maisen:

Tenmatsu is known for its tempura, so of course that's what we ordered.

We got the take (deluxe) tempura set, which cost 2376 yen or $23.76 and came with rice, pickles, and miso soup:

All the sets came with kisu fish, two prawns, and two vegetables:

But unlike the standard set, the deluxe one came with the addition of squid:

We also ordered a tenju, which was essentially a tempura bowl:

The tempura consisted of prawn, fish, and vegetables doused in a soy-based sauce.  It came with a bowl of miso soup and some pickled veggies. 

Tenmatsu is supposed to have some of the best tempura in Tokyo.  While the tempura was delicious, let's be real here.  It's pretty damn pricey.  I mean, that deluxe set was 23 bucks!  In my opinion, the tempura bowl was a much better deal.  It cost 1512 yen or $15.12 and the only difference between it and the deluxe set was its lack of squid.  Don't get me wrong.  The squid was delicious. 

...Just not $8 delicious.   

東京都渋谷区渋谷2-24-1(東急百貨店東横店 西館9F)


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