Japan: Tentei

CK and I had different flights back to the States from Japan.  She had to fly first to Korea and then back to Chicago while I had to make a stop in Taiwan before heading home to San Francisco.  While buying tickets for the Narita Airport Express train at a vending machine was not intuitive at all, actually getting to the airport on the train was a breeze.

CK's flight left from a different terminal than mine.  Since her flight was earlier, I went with her and said goodbye at the security checkpoint.  I even did the Asian parent thing and stood there until she disappeared from sight, but that clueless dork didn't even think to look back once.  Jerk.

Once checked in at my own terminal, I set out to hunt for lunch.  I only had around 1200 yen ($12) left on me and my goal was to spend as much of it as I could.  Being the anal person that I am, I ended up closely examining the menus of every single restaurant on the fourth floor of terminal two.

The hard part wasn't so much finding a meal under 1200 yen.  Nope, the hard part was finding a meal that would get as close to 1200 yen without going over once tax was added.

After much deliberation, I settled on Tentei:

The restaurant was busy, but not overly packed:

There was a moment when I felt like I was wasting my last food opportunity in Japan because I'd just had tempura the night before, but practicality ultimately won out.

The reason why I walked into Tentei was this:

The tempura don and soba noodles set cost 1050 yen or $10.50.  With tax the total came out to be 1134 yen.  Close enough for me.

While the tempura wasn't quite as delicate or as fresh as that of Tempura Tenmatsu, I had no complaints.  Which just goes to show that you can get perfectly good food without paying top dollar in Japan.  Even at the airport.

A fun fact for you: apparently Tentei is hala certified.  Huh.  I didn't know that until just now as I was looking up its address online.  Interesting.

成田市 古込 1 新東京国際空港 第2ターミナル 4F
+81 476-34-6133


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