Berkeley: Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

When our college roommate, YK, who we hadn't seen since graduation, came to the Bay for a conference, CL and I met up with her for a Berkeley day where we explored our old haunts and relived our undergrad memories.  A lot of things have changed in Berkeley since our days there, but Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen is still where it's always been on Shattuck Ave:

We were so removed from school life that we didn't realize it was graduation season until we saw all the kids in their caps and gowns...and all the families trying to get lunch:

There was a bit of a wait for Angeline's, but we'd just barely walked around the corner when we got the text notifying us that a table was open.  So back we went.

I ordered the jambalaya ($14.99):

It had this thick, tomato-y sauce that had a little kick to it and included roasted chicken, ham, and andouille sausage.  I savored every bite.

YK got the shrimp po'boy ($14.99):

While CK went for the fried catfish ($15.99):

I stole a nibble of her catfish and it was divine.  Lightly breaded, fried just enough, and super tender inside.  It came with a side of hush puppies with honey butter and potato salad. 

Angeline's is one of those restaurants where you can enjoy great food and just chat with friends.  We sat there talking and catching up for a long time, but never felt rushed into leaving to make space for others. 

We walked off our meal by wandering around campus.  We went up to our freshman dorm (and complained about how they built the skybridge to the dining commons after we moved out), tackled the slope up to Pimentel Hall (only to find that it wasn't nearly as bad as it was in our memories), and stared at 4.0 hill (which none of us have ever actually rolled down).  And after we'd pointed out all the changes on Telegraph and Shattuck, we sat down at Paris Baguette (a new addition since our time) to talk some more.

Seven years is a long time to go without seeing a friend.  YK, let's not wait that long until our next get-together.  Keep kicking ass in your PhD program in Boston!

Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen
2261 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 548-6900


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