Thailand: On the Beach in Cha Am

CK's wedding was beautiful.  She looked equally gorgeous in her traditional Thai dress and her white wedding gown.  Both the wedding ceremony and the reception took place on the beach by Veranda Resort.  After the reception, we had a dance party late into the night.

Okay, so maybe not that late.  It was about 10:30 when we got back to our hotel, the Springfield Beach Resort, just down the beach.

Instead of heading to Bangkok the next day as was our original plan, we decided to wander some more around Hua Hin and catch a late night taxi directly to the airport.  Before we could head into Hua Hin though, I had to pick up something that I'd forgotten in CK's wedding suite.

While we were waiting for CK to wake up, we stopped by a little restaurant (if you could even call it that) on the beach between our two hotels for breakfast:

Right next door were canopies and beds set up for massages.  On the beds were a lot of half-naked old people...and T.  Heh.

One of the first things I noticed about Cha Am was the prevalence of tourists over 50.  Apparently, Cha Am is the prime vacation spot for those too old for other popular "party" beach destinations  in Thailand.

While T enjoyed her massage, CL and I started eating.  As if we were going to wait for T to finish her hour long massage to eat.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

We did, however, set aside a plate for her.  We're nice like that.

We ordered a Thai tea (40 baht):

And a Thai coffee (50 baht):

The pretty extensive menu covered both Western and Thai cuisines.  Forgoing the omelettes and french fries, we elected to order the larb or spicy minced pork salad (80 baht):

Not exactly your typical breakfast food, but trust me, it's delicious any time of day.  Kinda sour and only a bit spicy (probably toned down for tourists), larb is the perfect complement for rice.

We "splurged" a little with the grilled squid (150 baht):

The best part of the squid is the gel-like squid guts inside.  So.  Good.

Eventually T finished her massage and came back to eat.  We spent the remainder of the meal recapping and cracking up over the highlights from CK's wedding.

Thanks for inviting us, CK, and for giving us an excuse to take a vacation.  (And thanks SO much for making me a bridesmaid.  Sigh.)  Congratulations once again to you and AG!  I guess I should be calling you CG now, but that just sounds funny...


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