Indonesia: Mie Nusantara

Since we only had two days in Yogyakarta, we original plan was to squeeze in as much as possible.  When CL and my sister got sick, we revised the plan and took the first day easy.  When CL and my sister felt a bit better, we ventured out to Malioboro St.

The street itself was filled with clothing stores and souvenir shops.  There was also a bunch of food carts.  Unfortunately, CL's stomach was still kind of bothering her, so we played it safe by eating at a restaurant in Mal Malioboro:

Mal Malioboro was very much your quintessential low end Asian mall.  Floor after floor of shopping with restaurants sprinkled here and there and a food court on the top floor.  Not gonna lie, I was tempted by the KFC and the Pizza Hut, but we ultimately opted to go Indonesian and dine at Mie Nusantara:

The server handed us the menu and a pen.  We were saddened to find that they'd run out of half the menu:

There weren't any descriptions or photos and our server didn't really speak English, so we randomly picked two things.

So randomly that I no longer remember what we ordered.

They were essentially the same dish, but with different kind of noodles.  There was the bihun or rice vermicelli:

And the other was the regular mie or yellow wheat noodle:

The four of us really weren't that hungry, but we were thirsty.  We tried to order jackfruit juice, but they were out, so we settled with avocado:

And melon juice (looks like beer, eh?):

And some basic iced tea or es teh tawar:

Definitely no sugar in that thing.

Cheap food, but not exactly memorable.  It didn't help that we were all either sick, tired, missing Bali, or all of the above.

It sucks that we didn't get to try all the street eats we saw at the end of the Malioboro St, but oh well.  Health first, right?

Mie Nusantara
Mal Maliboro
Jl. Malioboro 52-58
Yogyakarta 55213, Indonesia


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