Indonesia: Gudeg Yu Djum

Prambanan was simply stunning:

When we arrived, the sky was overcast, but luckily, no rain.  We took our time exploring the temple grounds, even enduring stinky helmets to check out the less "stable" structures.  Inevitably, it started pouring and we had to make a run for it.

The rain was so heavy that it was difficult to see out of the windows of the car.  Dedy skillfully drove us to what he claimed was the best gudeg in the city, Gudeg Yu Djum, for dinner:

The room we entered was small with low tables and floor mats:

We'd asked our taxi driver when we first arrived what the must eats in Yogyakarta are.  His immediate response was gudeg.  He went on to explain that it's kind of like a jack fruit curry.

Uh...where can we get ourselves some of that?

Apparently, Gudeg Yu Djum.

Nothing on the menu posted on the wall meant anything to us, so we depended on Dedy to order for us.  We actually wanted to try different things, but a miscommunication resulted in four orders of the same thing:

Oh well.  After taking a bite, none of us wanted to share our plate of nasi paha atas (chicken thigh and rice) with telor (egg) anyway.  The chicken itself was smothered with this sweet sauce, which didn't taste exactly like jack fruit, but hey, no complaints here.  It also came with a side of sambal goreng krecek or beef skin stewed in coconut milk.  Holy moly.

Yogyakartans really know how to make things taste spectacular with rice.  Forget the chicken, I just need that jack fruit stew sauce and some rice and I'm good.  More than good.

Since it was our last day in Yogya, we originally planned on fitting in some more eating before we hit the sack.  Our homestay, though far from the city center, was located really close to a university.  And where there are students, there are cheap food stalls.  Cheap food stalls that we wanted to check out but couldn't due to the stupid rain.  Argh.  Instead, we spent the night in watching "The Avengers" on TV.

Yogya wasn't our favorite stop during our trip, but it wasn't bad.  The temples are definitely worth a visit, but it's just not one of those cities that make you want to go back time and time again.

Gudeg Yu Djum
Jalan Wijilan No. 31
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
(0274) 786 0204


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