Thailand: Grand Night Market

We had an entire day to kill in Hua Hin.  Our flight to Hong Kong wasn't until 6:00 am the next morning and our taxi wasn't to pick us up from our hotel until 2:00 am.

So of course our plan was to fit as much food in as possible.  We started out in front of the school we discovered our first day visiting Hua Hin and making our way through all the food vendors on that street.  We slowly ate our way to Grand Night Market, just a couple blocks down:

When we got there, people were just setting up their stalls.  Clothing stalls, goldfish stalls, phone accessory stalls, just about every kind of stall you can imagine at a night market.  Our focus, of course, was on the food stalls.

Earlier, we'd attempted to buy out the fatty pork lady in front of the school, only to be foiled by an elementary student who beat us to it.  When we found the same fatty pork skewers at Grand Night Market, we were elated:

It didn't taste quite as good as the one from the fatty pork lady, but still delicious all the same:

We couldn't help but be drawn to this squid skewer stall:

We especially loved the skewers consisting purely of squid jelly guts:

Melt in your mouth good.

We figured we couldn't leave Thailand without having some pad thai, so we sat down at one of the tables for this food stand:

The pad thai with seafood was alright, but nowhere near as good as what I had from Thip Samai the last time I was in Bangkok:

After Grand Night Market, we met up with T's friend from Vietnam, who was in Hua Hin for vacation, at the Hua Hin night market.  We were full by then, so we mostly just watched T's friend and his travel companion stuff themselves as we did on our first visit.

We took the last shuttle back to our hotel.  We'd already checked out earlier in the day and had stored all our luggage at the front desk.  The plan was to sit around and wait for our taxi, sleep on the two-hour ride to Bangkok, and then check in at the airport.  Of course, things never go as planned.  Our taxi arrived two hours early, closer to midnight, which meant that we arrived at the airport way before any of the counters were scheduled to open.  We managed to find some empty seats and bunkered down for the next few uncomfortable hours.

When we finally boarded our flight to Hong Kong, all three of us conked out almost immediately.

Grand Night Market
Petchakasem Road (in-between Grand Hotel and San Paulo Hospital)
Hua Hin, Thailand


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