Thailand: Hua Hin Night Market

We arrived in Thailand the day before CK's wedding.  After finally finalizing my return flight home, we proceeded to leisurely explore Hua Hin.  We ended our day at the Hua Hin night market:

It was still pretty quiet when we first arrived, but soon it was packed with people.

We stopped first at this stall:

We sat at the small table and ordered the fried mussels with seafood:

We followed the example of the girl sitting across from us and doctored it with fish sauce.  Fish sauce is key.

CL has a love of meat jerky that she just can't ignore:

She tried to only get a little bit, but the old lady who manned the stall was very brusque and impatient and because CL is so nice and wanted to avoid trouble, she ended up with a bag of this:

I think it was pork.  I know it didn't taste very good.  CL was disappointed.

We moved on to this skewer stand:

We pigged out on grilled squid:

And dried squid:

Tucked between two stalls was this elderly lady with nothing more than a grill and a small table:

Only one thing on the menu:

Scallops.  Scallops.  Scallops.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Though sausages are pretty damn awesome:

Just take a look at how fatty and juicy it is:

I think I mentioned in my last post how big a sucker I am for chives.  Which is why I couldn't resist this stall:

Thai chive dumplings are da bomb (wow, that brought me back to high school):

We finished off the night with some dessert.  First at this stall:

For roti with condensed milk:

And then this stall:

For some khanom krok (essentially grilled coconut pudding):

T wasn't happy because they didn't have green onion on them, but I love them just fine without.  Be careful though.  They're hot enough to burn your tongue.  And the roof of your mouth.  Take my word for it.

The Hua Hin night market is very touristy.  Not much room for bargaining, much to T's dismay.  Vendors know they can easily get someone else to pay without having to haggle.  Lots of street food though, which makes it worth a visit if you're in the area.

Funnily enough, on our way out of the night market, we ran into CK's family.  I actually spotted her mother first.  It was only after I called out to her that I noticed that she was with CK's sister, CK's brother-in-law, and CK's cousin.  Shows how small Hua Hin is.  We found out that CK and the rest of the group had elected to take a car instead of walking from the restaurant where they had dinner.

Since I knew I was going to see CK the next day at her wedding, I didn't stick around to wait for her.  After all, I needed my beauty sleep if I didn't want to scare people as her bridesmaid.


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