Indonesia: Ubud Market

The morning of our last full day in Ubud, our host, Ketut, brought us to a large market in Ubud:

It looked pretty standard from the front.  But once we walked closer, we found out that the building itself contained multiple floors of vendors and behind the building itself was even more:

Chickens, fruit, sweets, clothes, spices, you can find just about everything at the market.

The girls and I acted like kids in a candy store.  We wanted to see everything.  And of course, buy everything too.  We focused primarily on the fruit vendors and the sweets:

Later that afternoon, Ketut's niece, who is a licensed masseuse, came over to our homestay to give us massages.  Well, to give CL, T, and my sister massages.  No touchy for me.  Since she could only take on one person at a time, the rest of us lounged around playing Heads Up Charades on my sister's phone while nibbling on the goodies we got from the market.

From the sweets lady pictured above, we got all these glutinous yummies:

The layered cakes tasted much better than the ones we got in Karangasem.  Everything was coconut-y and soft and subtly sweet.  I wish we'd gotten more of each.

T, of course, went to town with the giant bag of rambutan she bought:

She was nice enough to cut rambutan for the rest of us too:

We were really curious about these things:

These cute little glutinous rice balls were filled with some kind of sugar syrup:

There was just enough syrup to sweeten the ball, but not enough to make it sickeningly sweet.

Ketut told us that these were his favorite:

It was made of sweet potato and coconut milk:

Sorry, Ketut.  Not our favorite.

We also got two different kinds of dessert drinks:

Unfortunately, I think we'd left it out too long and the coconut milk tasted funny.  We ended up tossing both.  Such a waste!



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