Indonesia: Warung Widya

Made told us that Warung Widya serves really good bakso.  Since we'd never had any, of course we had to check it out.  After breakfast a la Ketut, we rested a bit and then trekked out for lunch:

It took us a while to find the warung.  Luckily, we kept walking down the street even though none of us remembered it being that far down when Made pointed it out to us.

Warung Widya serves two things.  Or at least two things are shown on its sign.  (There wasn't a menu, so we assumed that was it.)  We ordered both.

First was the bakso:

Bakso are Indonesia meatballs made of beef.  The texture was quite familiar to me, much like the Chinese beef balls that I'm used to.  They were super flavorful and had a great chewiness to them.  The soup base was very light and we didn't expect to find vermicelli noodles (called bihun) underneath the surface:

The second was the mie ayam, essentially the Indonesian version of chicken noodle soup:

Which is so much better than its American counterpart.  Since Made specifically mentioned the bakso, we were prepared to enjoy that the most.  But instead, the mie ayam blew us away.

The soup was the bomb diggity and the egg noodles were so damn perfect:

Kinda on the salty side, but the mix of the flavors was just sublime.  Love the chicken bits and the meat balls too.  And even the veggies.  Everything about it was lovely.

Mie ayam.  I'm a fan.  Now where can I find some of that stuff in the Bay...


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