Singapore: Golden Mile Food Centre

CK must have been really tired because she conked out when we finally got into our hotel room in Singapore.  There was a TV and free Internet in the room, so I wasn't bored.  When she woke up, it was time for dinner.

She'd watched Bourdain eat sup tulang merah in Singapore and after she described it for me, I really, REALLY wanted to try it.  That's why we headed over to the Golden Mile Food Centre:

Surprisingly, a lot of food stalls were closed.  Maybe we went on a off day?

Anyway, the first thing we did was find a drink stall.  We figured we could walk around once we had drinks in hand.

The first place we spotted was Avocado Jr.:

The super cool-looking chick at the stall recommended I try the avocado drink:

I expected a thick avocado smoothie.  What I got instead was a liquid-y yummy cup of awesomeness.

CK got some kind of citrus mix:

They weren't as cheap as we'd gotten used to drinks being in SE Asia, but they were certainly fresh and delicious.

We found a section dedicated to sup tulang merah.  Unsure which stall served the best, we went with the one with the most persuasive staff:

The sup tulang merah came with bread:

So what is sup tulang merah, you ask?  It this lovely, messy, gory looking thing of beauty:

Red bone mutton soup.  Wow.  The sauce is as intense as it looks.  Red, savory, and finger-licking good.  Now you understand why the bread is so essential.  We used the straws from our fruit drinks to suck out the bone marrow.

Mind.  Blown.

The guy who served us actually brought us extra sauce.  What he didn't know was that we'd put the finished bones back on the platter, so he ended up pouring the sauce over sucked dry bones before we could stop him.  Not that I minded.  More to sop up with bread.  Yay!

We left Golden Mile Food Centre with red-stained fingers and satisfied bellies.

But before we called it quits, CK had to assuage her curiosity and buy a cup of soursop juice:

I don't really know how to describe the taste of soursop juice.  It's not exactly memorable to me.  Sorry if you were expecting more.  CK, on the other hand, was a fan.  You should ask her.

Definitely try sup tulang merah if you ever have the chance.  Just don't wear white.

Good Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Rd
Singapore 199583


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