Malaysia: Uncle Bean

Jalan Petaling looks completely different in the morning light.  While CK was still sleeping, I slipped outside to take a look around.  

In the morning, before the stalls have been set up, the middle of the street is wide open for pedestrians:

Once nighttime hits, the middle is filled with stalls selling clothes and watches and bags and whatever else you can think of.

Jalan Petaling has to be the most patriotic street in Malaysia.  Just look at all those flags.  You also have to appreciate the permanent covering over the street.  Very handy during raining days.

On my way back to the hotel, I saw a long like at the Uncle Bean food cart:

I didn't remember seeing the cart the night before, so I got in line.  Correction: there wasn't really a line, only a mass of people.  After I stood there for a while, a friendly lady next to me kindly told me that I'll have to be more aggressive to get my order in.

I seized the opportunity to ask what she'd ordered.  I saw that she'd gotten soy milk, but with a dark syrup rather than a clear one.

It was dark brown sugar syrup:

I hoped that the brown sugar syrup would make the soy milk taste differently, but alas, there really was no difference.  Still good soy milk though.

I also bought a dou hua (tofu pudding, also called dou fu hua) with brown sugar syrup:

Back at the hotel, CK woke up just in time to dig in:

Very silky.  Brown sugar is good, but I still prefer ginger syrup with my dou hua.  I love the spicy kick the ginger gives to the otherwise bland tofu.

Love, love, love Jalan Petaling.  Living right upstairs of it was the best choice we could have made.


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