Malaysia: Happy Mart

CK and I had the perfect routine down in Penang.  CK would wake up around 11:00am, get her face on, then we would head out for lunch.  Any touristy things or sightseeing were done only if they were along the way to our food destination.  After lunch, we would head back to our guesthouse, stopping first at Happy Mart for some cold drinks:

I think I've mentioned before how much I love convenience stores in Asia.  Drinks for cheap, snacks galore, cup noodles in all kinds of flavors.

Cold drinks are key in Asia.  It's just so damn hot.  Here's some noteworthy ones that we got during our time in Penang.

I really like lychee, especially with black tea, so this was a no brainer for me:

CK is a big fan of dried sour plums, so I bullied her into trying this:

As we both expected, it was disgusting.  Heh.

Meanwhile, I bought myself another lychee drink:

Tropicana.  Who knew?

After Happy Mart, we would escape back into our guesthouse and lay around in our room until dinnertime.  Before you judge us, you  have to understand how hot it is in SE Asia.  It's not just the sun, it's the humidity.

Not that I feel any shame.  Our Penang routine really worked for us.  It was nice to just take each day slow and do whatever we felt like when we felt like it.


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