Malaysia: Jalan Petaling

It's Halloween, which means I'm hiding at home with all the light off, hoping that kids don't come a-knockin'. What better time to catch up on my blogging?  Though I've kinda given up hope on ever catching up.  Sigh.

Anyway, enough pity partying.  

Jalan Petaling really comes alive at night:

Shopping and food galore.  I was more interested in the food side.

Such as this cart for longan drinks:

Super popular, but super quick, I love the pieces of longan sitting at the bottom:

I noticed this little old man on my first pass through Jalan Petaling:

I made sure we stopped by after dinner and before heading back to our hotel.  He made two types of grilled cakes.

The first one is made with coconut batter and comes in these little disks:

The second type was made in the large round grill:

After the batter is poured in, the little old man dumps (no sprinkling here) handfuls of sugar on top and then scatters chopped peanuts on top.

The huge pancake is folded in half and then cut into slices.  Each bite is sweet, peanut-y magic:

Of course I tried both kinds of cakes.  My favorite was the peanut one.  The cake is crispy on the edges, soft inside, and hot, hot, hot.

Throughout the rest of our stay in Kuala Lumpur, every time we walked by the little old man and his cart, I was tempted to stop and pay homage.  I restrained myself until our very last night in KL.  I couldn't help it.  There was no way I could leave Malaysia without having another bite of that peanut cake.

If you ever spot the little old man on Jalan Petaling, stop!  But beware, I think he might charge foreigners a bit more than locals.  The two times I went, he charged me different amounts.  I think it's because I spoke Chinese to him the first time and English the second. 

Crafty old man.  Hahaha...


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