Malaysia: Transfer Road Roti Canai

The day after our roti canai failure, we tried again.  This time, we made sure to leave our guesthouse a bit earlier.  

When we got to Transfer Road, we held our breath until we saw that the stall was open for business:

Woot wooooot!  Score!  We were so excited we were almost giddy with it.

All the roti are made fresh to order.  The only thing better than watching them make the roti is actually eating it:

CK misunderstood the Indian man who took our order and accidentally ordered us two roti each.  Not that I minded.  The roti were hot and fragrant and buttery and so very delicious.  Wow.  Just wow.

To go with our roti, we each got a plate of chicken curry:

We actually meant to get one plate of chicken curry and one plate of mutton.  When we pointed this out to one of the staff, he brought us the mutton immediately:

He offered to take away one of the chicken curries, but we felt bad so we ended up keeping both.  I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite between the two curries, but if I had to, I would say the mutton.

On the other end of the overhang is a tea stall:

From that man we ordered iced teh tarik (pulled milk tea) and watched him make them fresh:

By far one of my most memorable meals in Penang.  There weren't a lot of people so we were able to take our time and simply enjoy.  CK and I stared out at the road and watched cars drive by.  We chatted with the owner of the roti canai stall until it was time for them to close for afternoon prayer.

We left full and very, very pleased.


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