Malaysia: Gurney Drive

CK and I figured that we should do at least one tourist-y while in Penang.  Old Man Fang recommended we go see the Burmese Temple.  Before committing to it, we checked to see if there was anything around the temple that we wanted to eat.  (Yea, that's how we roll.)  

We decided to go once we found that the Gurney Drive night market was just a relatively short walk from the temple.  Little did we know we would get a lot more sightseeing done that we anticipated.  

First, we got on the wrong bus.  That wouldn't have been a big problem if we'd gotten off at the right stop, but we managed to screw that up too.  Instead, we took the scenic route and ended up waiting at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere 

Eventually, we made it to Gurney Drive:

What a sight for sore eyes!

We started with some fried chicken:

We got there pretty late, so we were lucky to get the last piece of chicken.  The sauce was super spicy but hella addicting with rice.

I made sure to get a glass of watermelon juice as soon as we found a table to sit at:

We weren't all that hungry, but we felt that we couldn't leave without eating some other dishes, especially after all the trouble it took us to get there.

I saw a sign for Hokkien mee and wanted to give it a try:

I was actually expecting stir fried noodles, so I was a little disappointed.  There was a mix of egg noodle and thin rice noodle, neither of which I particularly enjoyed.

We saw a guy at another table eating some noodles that looked pretty good.  CK's the more shameless one of the two of us.  She went right up to the guy and asked him where he got the noodles from.  The guy didn't really speak English, so he took her to the stall himself.

Thanks to him, we got our noodles:

Don't know what it's called, but it sure tasted good.  Thank you, random guy at Gurney Drive.

We were super tired by the end of the night.  Unsure of the bus system, we caught a cab back to our guesthouse.  That turned out to be the best decision of the night.  Our taxi driver was filled with all sorts of information about Penang, its history, and its people.  We learned more from that one taxi ride than we did our entire time in Penang.

Not sure if Gurney Drive was worth the trip, but I'm glad we did it all the same.


  1. See?! Sometimes a lot of good comes out of spending [unnecessary] money. :p

  2. See?! Sometimes a lot of good comes out of spending [unnecessary] money. :p


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