Singapore: Bread Talk

I have a soft spot for bread.  So does CK.  We like walking into bakeries even when we have no intention of buying anything.  

We were walking around Paragon on Orchard Street when we came across Bread Talk:

One thing we noticed about bakeries in Singapore, everywhere we went we saw "flosss" bread.  (Yes, three S's.)  Finally, curiosity got the best of us, so we bought two:

We bought one original and one spicy.  We saved them for breakfast the next day and by then, we'd forgotten which one was which.  It turns out it didn't really matter because neither one of them was actually spicy.  Both just tasted like pork sung (also known as pork floss) and sweet mayo.  Tasty all the same.  Even the next day.

I wasn't disappointed by the lack of spiciness, but CK was a little bit.

Bread Talk
290 Orchard Rd #B1-11/12
Singapore 238857


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