Chicago: Cumin

Being considerate of some vegetarians in the group, EK decided to have her very belated birthday dinner at Cumin:

Queen G and I got there a bit early after doing some shopping in the area for EK's birthday gift.  Luckily, they let us sit down at our table.  It's kind of swanky inside Cumin:

They also let us start snacking on some papadum:

Papadum is essentially the Indian chip.  They're light and airy and savory and go fabulously with chutney:

After the other girls arrived, we proceeded to order a massive amount of food.  We started off with some garlic naan:

This is where things start to get a bit fuzzy for me.  Not because I was drinking or anything like that, but because I'm getting old and so much time has passed that I don't really remember what we ordered (plus our server did much of it for us).  Bear with me as I attempt to figure out what's what.

I think this is the Nepalese goat curry:

Which one?  I have no clue.  All I remember was the server telling us that they were out of one so we had to go with the other.  It might have had bone in it, so I'm going to guess it's the gorkhali khasi.

You know what?  I give up.  I'm looking at these pictures and trying to match them up with the descriptions on the menu and I'm just not getting anywhere.

I fail as a food blogger.

Please enjoy the food pictures as I crawl into a hole in shame.

Chickpeas for our veggie friend:

This might have been lamb:

Perhaps this is chicken:

More veggies for our veggie friend:

I do remember what desserts we got though.  One point for me.  Make that two since we ordered two desserts and I need all the pity points I can get for this sad, sad post.

There was the gulaab jaamun:

And the pistachio kulfi:

While the food was good, it obviously wasn't individually memorable.  The company, however, was excellent.  And maybe that was the problem.  Maybe we were having so much fun that we paid too little attention to the food in front of us.

Oh, well.  I'm not feeling particularly motivated to go back to Cumin and focus on the food the second time around.  Now that I'm in my last week of law school, time is precious.

1414 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 342-1414


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