Chicago: bopNgrill (Revisited)

When CK and I found out that our friend JH's lifelong dream (of all of six months) was to eat at bopNgrill, we just had to make it happen.  What are friends for, right?  So despite running on a couple of hours of interrupted sleep (airport chairs are NOT meant for napping on), I hopped off the plane from New York early Monday morning ready to make some dreams come true.

For maximum dream fulfillment, the three of us each ordered a side to split.  CK got the regular fries, JH the kimchi fries, and I the mozzarella sticks:

Freshly fried and oh-so-good.  The best was still the kimchi fries though.  There's something about how bopNgrill makes their fries that blows every other burger joint out of the water.

I decided to try the umami burger:

Very intense with its seven-spice aioli, truffled mushrooms, sun-dried tomato confit, and gouda.  Kind of too salty for me.

CK got the bNg burger:

On the deliciously simple side, with only a fried egg, smoked bacon, grilled onions, cheese, and jalapenos:

JH looked like she was near tears when she first beheld her pizza "stix" burger layered with mozzarella sticks, marinara, grilled onions, and both American and parmesan cheese.


See what kind of sacrifices CK and I are willing to make for our friends?  Driving all the way to Evanston, stuffing our faces with burgers and other unhealthy things...yea, we're good people.  You could only be so lucky to have friends like us.

1903 Church St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 733-7102


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