South Bay: Peters' Bakery

For some unknown but blessed reason, over winter break I suddenly had a craving for this cake I remembered loving as a kid.  I hadn't had burnt almond cake in probably a decade, so I was more than a little surprised when the craving hit.

All I remembered was my neighbors bringing us this cake once or twice and thinking at the time that it had to be one of my top two favorite cakes in the world.

Unfortunately, my memories ended there.  My child self never thought to ask where the cake came from or check the cake box for a name.  Good thing my family had a mini-reunion with our old neighbors (who have since moved out of the neighborhood) during winter break, so I was able to ask them directly.  Better late than never, eh?

According to my neighbors, there are two bakeries that make this burnt almond cake.  The original one, Peters' Bakery, opened in 1936.  What is now Dick's Bakery, opened in 1947, was sold to an apprentice of Tony Peters, the founder of Peters' Bakery.  So you basically get the same cake at both places.

We opted to go to Peters' Bakery since it was closer:

There was a huge array of baked goods to choose from, but that didn't deter us from our goal.  Burnt almond cake, come to mama:

Look at that glorious cake.  For $15 to boot!  I totally peeked into the box while we were still in the car.  I couldn't help it.

It wasn't until after dinner that we were able to slice into it:

My friend T came over, as did my Ahyi, and all of us moaned over the cake.  Soft and fluffy, with a subtly sweet filling and a light crunch from the still my heart!  Tears may or may not have been shed.

Biting into that cake reaffirmed its status as one of my favorite cakes in the world.  Definitely in the top two.

Actually buying my own burnt almond cake from the bakery opened a whole new world for me.  Apparently there are FLAVORS of burnt almond cake.  Besides the regular burnt almond, there's also chocolate, marble and pumpkin.  Say whut?!

And the burnt almond cake also comes in cupcake form!  Holy moly!

Mind.  Blown.

Peters' Bakery
3108 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA 95127
(408) 258-3529


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