South Bay: Joy Luck Palace

My roommate just complained that I haven't posted since...yesterday.  Apparently she's really bored.  That, or she needs something else to do so that she can avoid working on her paper.  Which she really should be working on.  But alas, I've always been an enabler, so I will gladly do whatever I can to contribute to her cause.  And well, maybe I don't feel like doing work either.

Procrastinators unite!

Whenever my sister and I go home, there's always a line of family and family friends wanting to treat us to a meal.  Such is the perk of going to school out of state.  One such family friend invited my family out to Cupertino.

We were supposed to eat at another restaurant, but Joy Luck Palace looked a lot more popular, so we defected over:

The place was packed, but the wait wasn't all that bad.  We heard our number being called about 30-45 minutes after we put our name down.

The restaurant was filled with huge family style tables:

And now comes the part where I shut up and let you all enjoy some dim sum porn.

Xian sui jiao (fried rice flour dumplings):

Pan fried chive dumplings:

Shao mai:

Some kind of steamed shrimp dumpling:

Cabbage and shrimp rolls:

Phoenix claws:

Steamed spare ribs:

Tofu skin wraps:

Xia jiao (shrimp dumplings):

Xia chang fun (rice noodle rolls with shrimp)

Taro dumplings:

Sesame balls:

And egg tarts:

I always like dim sum more when it comes on carts.  None of that order off a menu thing for me.  I don't care if it's made fresh to order.  There's just something fun about waiting for the carts to stop at your table, all the while praying that it's carrying what you want.

This post is for you, CK.  Hope your paper is going well...or not going at all, whichever you prefer.  =)

Joy Luck Palace
10911 N Wolfe Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 255-6988


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