Chicago: Pleasant House Bakery

CK and I are always looking for excuses to eat out.  One of our favorites is the "I'm free and you're free so why not?" excuse.  As the quarter goes along and work starts piling up, it's getting harder to pull that one off, but at we definitely took advantage of it for as long as we could.  Which is how we ended up at Pleasant House toward the beginning of the year:

We got there at a pretty awkward time of day, so the place was empty:

Which was fantastic, as it gave us (or more accurately, CK) a chance to chat with the owner and get their recommendations.

We started off with the deluxe gravy chips:

Hot, crunchy potatoes, with skirt steak, cheese, and gravy...yum.  The gravy was a tad salty and the meat easily overlooked, but the potatoes more than made up for it.  Next time, I would probably go with getting the fries on their own or opt for the mashed potatoes.

We were curious about the Scotch egg, so we got one to split:

I don't know what I was expecting, but deep fried sausage surrounding the most perfectly cooked egg was definitely not it:

Combined with all the food we ordered, the Scotch egg ended up being a little too...much.  But we did enjoy it while there was still space in our stomachs.

Pleasant House is really known for its royal pies:

We ended up getting two.  There was the steak and ale pie:

And the mushroom and kale pie:

Both had fabulous crusts and incredibly flavorful fillings.  The beef in the steak and ale pie was tender and went well with the ale and the sweet carrots.  The mushroom and kale pie may have been all veggies, but the Parmesan and white wine lent it a creamy richness that was simply amazing.  

A truly great new addition to the Chicago foodscape.  Cute interior, friendly staff, and fresh royal pies...what more can you ask for?

Pleasant House Bakery
964 W 31st St
Chicago, IL 60608
(773) 523-7437


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